Our process - A Day in the Life at Re:boot

At Re:boot, we've meticulously designed each day to maximize your learning and retention. Here's a snapshot of what a typical day with us looks like.


  • Self-paced Learning. Begin your day diving into the topic at hand, exploring content and resources at your own pace. This session is ideal for building a foundational understanding and jotting down any questions you might have.
  • Interactive Lecture. With questions from the self-learning session fresh in your mind, delve into a comprehensive lecture, interspersed with discussions, Q&As, and live demonstrations.


  • Hands-on Coding & Projects. Apply the concepts you've learned, working on exercises, mini-projects, or group collaborations.
  • Collaborative Work. Team up with peers to discuss challenges, collaborate on projects, or even initiate new ideas.


  • Wrap-up & Reflection. Summarize the day's lessons, clarify any remaining doubts, and set the stage for the next day.
  • Networking & Extracurricular Activities. Engage in guest lectures, coding challenges, or other tech events to expand your horizons.

Our values - Shaping Minds, Beyond Code.

At Re:boot, we believe in more than just coding. We're on a mission to mold minds that are both tech-savvy and ready for real-world challenges. Our core values serve as the guiding compass, ensuring every student emerges with a balance of skill, integrity, and purpose. Discover the Re:boot difference.

  • Real-World Relevance. We prioritize teaching technologies and methods that are in-demand in the current industry. Our curriculum is updated frequently, and our instructors are industry professionals who understand today's tech landscape.
  • Hands-on Learning. At Re:boot, experience is at the forefront. We know that the most effective learning comes from doing. Our students spend significant time coding, collaborating on projects, and receiving hands-on mentorship.
  • Inclusive Excellence. We strive for a diverse and inclusive environment. We believe that varied perspectives lead to richer learning experiences, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Integrity & Transparency. Honesty and openness are at the core of our operations. Whether it's about course expectations, job placement rates, or feedback, we maintain a transparent dialogue with our students.
  • Community & Collaboration. We don't just teach tech skills; we cultivate a community. Networking, teamwork, and collective problem-solving are essential components of our bootcamp.
  • Empowerment through Education. Our primary mission is to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to shape their futures and make an impact in the tech world.

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