About us - Our Story Begins With a Journey

At the heart of Re:boot is a story of transformation, passion, and commitment.

Our founder's journey began as an immigrant, searching for a direction and a purpose in the US. Like many, the pathway to a fulfilling career seemed daunting. However, an opportunity to join a coding bootcamp changed everything. This experience not only led to a successful career in software engineering, earning a position that was beyond any previous expectations, but it ignited a passion — a love for building, exploring, and understanding the intricacies of the digital realm.

But beyond the technical skills, it revealed a deeper calling: a love for teaching and guiding others on a similar transformative journey.

Our culture - A Different Kind of Bootcamp

While many coding bootcamps operate with profit as the primary motivator, Re:boot stands apart. The heart of our bootcamp isn't about churning out graduates; it's about deeply impacting lives. We've been nurturing this mission for over five years, cherishing each success story and the lasting connections made along the way.

At Re:boot, you're not just another student. You become a part of a transformative story, a friend, and a testimony to the passion that drives us.

Our Leadership

  • Muradil Erkin's profile picture

    Muradil Erkin

    Founder / Senior Software Engineer / Instructor

    Muradil began as a coding bootcamp graduate and quickly grew a profound love for crafting web applications. With a specialized expertise in front-end development, Muradil transforms ideas into digital realities. Passionate about teaching, he has an uncanny ability to break down intricate concepts into digestible information. For Muradil, every pixel matters, every line of code is deliberated, reflecting a drive for perfection in every project.

  • Nadia Nijat's profile picture

    Nadia Nijat

    Co-Founder / Head Of Operations

    With a background in both Data Analytics Engineering and Information Technology, Nadia brings a unique blend of tech-savviness and strategic planning to Re:boot. Known for her detail-oriented approach and ability to envision big-picture goals, she's passionate about ensuring the bootcamp's operations run seamlessly. With a helping heart and an open mind, Nadia embodies the dedication to make a lasting difference in the lives of our students.

Our Team

  • Justin Haney's profile picture

    Justin Haney

    Senior Software Engineer / Instructor

    An enthusiastic React developer driven by a profound commitment to coding and perpetual learning. Expertise lies in building vibrant, user-focused web applications leveraging React and TypeScript. Continuously seeks to refine abilities, face new challenges, and deliver digital experiences that resonate with users.

  • Justin Nykiel's profile picture

    Justin Nykiel

    Senior Software Engineer / Instructor

    Justin, an adept software engineer, thrives on guiding budding developers. Originally from a non-technical realm, he metamorphosed into a standout software engineer post his coding bootcamp experience. His distinct mix of instructional proficiency and on-the-ground knowledge motivates learners to unlock their coding prowess and capably steer their career shifts in the dynamic tech world.

  • Rupinder Hayer's profile picture

    Rupinder Hayer

    Senior Software Engineer / Instructor

    A coding enthusiast with a solid background in military service, Rupinder is unwavering in his commitment to empower students with the art and logic of programming. Drawing from his unique experiences, he focuses on building both precision and understanding, one line of code at a time.

Experience Authentic Learning

One key distinction at Re:boot: our teaching isn't just theoretical. Most coding bootcamps have instructors with limited real-world software shipping experience. We understand the reasons behind it – the industry dynamics, the salary disparities. But here's where Re:boot diverges from the norm. Our instruction comes from hands-on experience, from professionals who haven't just studied the art but have lived it, shipping real software, working with cutting-edge technologies.

At Re:boot, we're committed to offering a learning experience that's not just about current technologies, but about teaching them with context, using real-world applications. Our vision is to continually build, learn, and then impart that knowledge, ensuring our students have a genuine head start in their careers.

Join Us in the Journey

Re:boot isn't just a bootcamp; it's a movement. A journey of discovery, passion, and transformation. We invite you to become a part of our story, to experience a learning journey that's both unique and welcoming.

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