- JavaScript + Cypress & Playwright Test Automation Engineering

Harness the power of modern JavaScript frameworks to create robust, efficient, and maintainable test automation suites. This course is designed to take you from the basics of JavaScript to mastering cutting-edge automation tools like Cypress and Playwright. Unlock new career opportunities in the fast-growing field of test automation.

Delivery Format
Self-paced Online
On your own schedule
24 WeeksPart-time

Curriculum Overview

Week 1-2Basic SQL: Understanding Databases, Writing Basic Queries, Joins, Aggregations
Week 3-4Manual Testing & Concepts: Introduction, Importance, Basics of Software Testing
Week 5-6JavaScript Fundamentals: Variables, Control Flow, Data Structures, Functions
Week 7-8TypeScript: Introduction, Static Types, Interfaces, Generics, Compiling
Week 9Version Control with Git, Collaborating with GitHub & Basics of NPM
Week 10-11Cypress: Setting Up, Writing Tests, Best Practices, Advanced Features
Week 12Mocha & Chai: Test Framework and Assertion Library in JavaScript
Week 13-14Playwright: Introduction, Setup, Writing Tests, Automation Strategies
Week 15Postman: API Testing, Setting up Collections, Test Scripts
Week 16Axios: Making HTTP Requests, Handling Responses, Error Handling
Week 17-20Real-life Project Work: Planning, Execution, and Automation Strategies
Week 21-24Capstone Project Presentation, Final Reviews, Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews

Tech Stack

  • SQL
  • Manual Testing
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • NPM
  • Cypress
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Playwright
  • Postman
  • Axios

Re:boot was an intense but incredibly rewarding experience. The instructors are top-notch and the curriculum is comprehensive. I am so glad I chose to attend this bootcamp and highly recommend it to anyone looking to break into the tech industry.

- Mohammed S.

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